Winds of Change

I’m an extremely conservative person by nature. I don’t like big changes. I don’t like to go without a plan. I don’t like things not going the way I had envisioned them in my head. Oddly, some of the biggest changes in my life I didn’t plan for and they worked out completely fine, even learned a lot from them in very positive and interesting ways.

Embrace change.

I have insanely short hair that JUST grew back but oddly, I spend more time than ever at the barber shop getting it cut every 3-4 weeks. Instead of trying to grow my hair back as fast as possible to what it was, I’ve decided to have great looking haircuts all the way along this journey as my hair grows out. Truth – it’ll take my hair so much longer to grow out but honestly, I’m totally rockin’ the pixie cut right now and having WAY COOL designs shaved into my hair is truly invigorating and freeing.

You see, I’m a people pleaser. I like to make people happy. If people like me now why would I ever want to change myself into something that they might not like? Well, with chemo knocking my hair out my husband has proved that he loves me through and through. While I know he’s patiently waiting for the hair to grow back, I’m going for broke experimenting with my hair options, style options for work and home, jewelry options, experimenting with it all. It’s fun!  It’s my life. I have to live it the way I want to and learn to not be so afraid of change.

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