At least sandal season has passed…

Last time I took care of my toe nails, it was for a pedicure a few days before my surgery in early August. Since then, I’ve done nothing to them but enjoy them. Now, it’s nearly October so you can imagine that they’ve grown out quite a bit in that time. Today, came to find in my shoe at work that the big toe nail on one side had ripped off on its own and was floating around inside my shoe.  Seems the chemo did impact those nails as well – which was to be expected. With me letting my nails get so long, they now needed trimming and – long story short, most of them needed a huge trim to remove the dead, cancer-ridden ickiness from them. Unfortunately I couldn’t get rid of all of it (still some to grow out on most toes) but at least the ickiness is moving on – however slowly. Least sandal season has passed. Missing both big toe nails is nothing to share with the world!

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