Well it took long enough! The last few days I’ve been taking medication in the morning¬† then feeling fine the rest of the day and barely needing any. Yesterday it was 1 percoset at 7 am – then 1 at 5:30 pm. This morning it was 2 Tylenol at 6:15 am then none all day. I was so thrilled that the hurt finally, FINALLY died down and went away – that I celebrated with 2 small glasses of a nice white table wine! Oh – such an easy small buzz never felt so good.

I started driving right before I went back to work – wasn’t so great first time out to the library. I parked in a parking garage – mistake!¬† So much turning irritated everything a bit. But after a few days – all was well.

I’m at 5 and a half weeks today. Something magical about 6 weeks. Next Monday I’m going to the gym! Will only be stretching and maybe running or light erg (turning the tension down as low as it will go) – to see how things go. My calf muscles are so tight it’s ridiculous! Everything is. Will spend week #1 just stretching – lots of mobility!

Sleeping really well these days. Found a great sleep/hypno app – Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson. If I’m tired -puts me right out. I’ve gotten used to his thick accent and now quite enjoy it. Lulls me to sleep.

Also – was SUPER DUPER excited that I went camping (in a tent!) with my family this past weekend. So nice to be OUT of the house and feel normal again!! Oh how I had missed it. I slept on a brand new cot (thank you amazing husband!) and all bundled up. Was perfect weather for camping and relaxing. Got my heart rate up a bit on a small hike – even trying to take it easy there was a bit I had to go to get back up from where I’d gone down to! All in all it was great. Also was the first time today that I walked up all 3 flights of stairs at work – only once. Trying to wait the full 6 weeks to take it easy. If I blow it now it would be bad…… patience is key!

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